The acclaimed Nicky Bencivenga, began his lifelong passion for music at the young age of 8, and it all started on the piano. Seemingly innate to him, Nicky had a natural talent for learning instruments, and quickly. At a young age he became well versed in reading and writing music and playing by ear. By the age of 14, he became proficient at playing the bass guitar, and it opened up his world, and heart, to rock n’ roll music for the first time!

In 1982, at the age of 16, Nicky joined the band Devious with Tommy Colletti, and his music career adventure was off to a start. In 1987 Nicky joined Shakey Jake. Later that year, the opportunity opened up and Nicky joined Flay of Soul as bass guitar. Together the band toured up and down the east coast, playing at such venue as the Limelight, Palodium, and Kennys Castaway. Very notably, every night for two years, Guns N’ Roses came to see them play, with the incredible John Sullivan as band leader!

In 1993, Nicky played for Bleed Freak with Ethan Collins of White Trash. In that same year Nicky went on to join Stuttering John Band. After auditioning alongside 100 other bass players, John finally picked Nicky because of his singing talent and because Nicky said Paul McCartney was his main influence. While playing bass for Stuttering John, Nicky and the band produced 2 albums, several videos, and numerous movie soundtracks including for National Lampoons.

Notable gigs included opening for Ozzy, Rage, Green Day, Scott Weiland, Joan Jett, Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, Jefferson Starship, John Wait, and others.

Big arenas played include Jones Beach Theater in ’98, ’99, and 2000.  As well as Cow Palace, Viper Room, and the Whiskey.

Endorsements include Lakland Bass Guitars and Hartke Amps in the 1990s. Currently endorsed by Bartolini Pickups & Electronics.

After playing with Stuttering John, Nicky went on to produce 4 albums of solo material. The first was The Clams, Whiter by the Minute. The next album was in 2004, the applauded NYC Suburban Blues. In 2015, Nicky released the album The Off Whites. Then in 2020, produced the family favorite, Czar Funny Sunny Music. Notable for the single, “Chunky Bear”. The creative mind of Nicky Bencivenga never rests. In 2020, Christmas Valentine was accomplished, with Bill Chris and Nicky’s daughter Nicoletta. During 2020 and 2021 Nicky has produced new solo acoustic material and performed several solo shows in the NY area.  Nicky’s passion never ceases. He has been recording in the studio for 35 years non-stop. Already 100 or more songs recorded and more to come!